Top 10 Secrets of Successful Students

Posted: May 18, 2016 - to Educational tips By: Emilie
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Straight away you see the catch here; how do you define success? Some students may define success by just getting through the next semester, others may define it as gaining a Merit or a 2:1,  still others may define it as getting onto the college basketball or football team - whatever your definition of success - there are a few basic traits that are consistent with mastering that achievement.

We are going to share some of these here and hope up you will find them useful:

  •  organize your time properly - this is probably one of the most important ingredients not only of student life but in business, professional, and personal circumstances too. Getting organized has never been easier with the advent of  diaries, agendas, and planners being built into phones, tablets, and other useful devices. Learn how these work and use them. They will save you time and money.
  •  attend lectures - skipping lectures might seem cool to your friends initially, but nobody looks more stupid than the person who gets so far behind with their coursework, assignments, and essays, that they do not know what is going on, and flounder around asking everyone to help them catch up - do not be that person.
  •  cut down on the computer games -  or anything else which prevents you getting a decent night's sleep. Lots of students underestimate the importance of sleep - a decent amount of sleep will enable you to concentrate better and will improve your stamina and your retention of information; this is absolutely vital, especially around important examinations and assignments. Make sure you get enough sleep.
  •  prioritize -  balance is important in all things. By all means, give yourself a break from studying from time to time, but do not spend every waking hour at the student bar, to the detriment of your academic studies, this is educational suicide, and is counterproductive.
  •  make friends -  one of the most fantastic aspects of going to college is meeting people from all walks of life from different cultures, countries and backgrounds. Never, in your life, will you get another opportunity to meet such a diverse range of people. Socialize - even if you are painfully shy - friendship is important when you are a long way away from home.
  •  talk -  this is allied to 5) above. Many students encounter problems during their time in college; be it with their studies, their love life, or just life in general. Do not bottle it up -  talk to fellow students and try and get a better perspective on it. It is said that "a trouble shared is a trouble halved" and this is especially true when trying to navigate your way through undergraduate life.
  •  honesty -  be honest in all your dealings with fellow students and tutors. You will find that a campus is a small place and that gossip and rumor can get out of hand very quickly. Make sure that you do not become a target by being scrupulously honest in your dealings whilst at college. The last thing you need is to be ostracized, and an object of ridicule and gossip. Do not be that person.
  •  watch the money -  Be careful with your budget. One of the most common areas that students get themselves into trouble with is money. Keep basic accounts, and make sure that you are living within your means. Reserve an emergency fund and save that for any important and unexpected expenses that may crop up. If you find yourself getting into financial difficulties make sure that you get help quickly - do not ignore the problem - if you do it will simply get worse.
  •  go to the gym -  keeping yourself fit and active is imperative when studying. Clearing your head by going for a run, or workout at the gym or a swim will work wonders for your concentration and your stamina. As a bonus, you will probably meet some people outside of your immediate circle of friends with different interests and knowledge.
  •  enjoy it - This experience only happens once in a lifetime - enjoy it - savor it - and throw yourself into the student life - you will never regret it.
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