When a customer places an order on ExpertPaperHelp.com, he or she agrees with all the following conditions highlighted in this disclaimer.

Use of Product

The client owns only the final product or draft, not any other examples, samples of academic research or pieces of writing sent to him or her in order to see the style, formatting, etc. These materials are not meant to be presented as the client’s work, and he or she has no copyright regarding them.

Customer Contact

You are responsible for providing accurate contact data and information to ExpertPaperHelp.com. If a delay or a failure of delivery occurs because of wrong data sent by you, the company does not accept any responsibility in these situations. So make sure you revise your contact details before sending them to us.

Canceling an Order

You are allowed to cancel an order, even after you have already made the payment.  But in this case, you may not receive a full refund. The following conditions will be met in this circumstance:

  • You will receive a refund calculated upon the progress made within your project. If a writer had already been assigned your paper and he or she started to work on it, the amount of money you get back will be determined by the amount of work done.
  • You can use the money received back from a refund in order to buy further services from ExpertPaperHelp.com.

Resources for papers

Each time you place an order on ExpertPaperHelp.com without specifying any details regarding support materials, the writer who is responsible for writing your paper will decide by him/herself which resources to use. He or she will use the most relevant and actual information available. We provide our writers access to some academic resources for their research work, but the company does not assure them accounts on any existent educational platform.

If you request particular resources for your project and the writer has access to them, he or she will use them.

If you need individual research sources for the paper, but your writer does not have access to them, there are two options:

  • You will provide the resources and information needed by going to your account page and uploading them there.
  • If you are unable to provide the required information, you can pay a fee so that ExpertPaperHelp.com will acquire the needed resources for you.

If you don’t provide your writer the necessary resources in time, there may be a delay in your delivery. In this case, ExpertPaperHelp.com does not take any responsibility and is not liable for the delay of the final draft.

Providing instructions

You, as a customer, must provide all details when placing an order. Make sure you complete the entire order form and write additional instructions if needed.

If the writer considers that he needs more information related to this aspect, he will immediately contact you. In this case, you assume the responsibility to respond quickly. Otherwise, there may be a delay in delivering the final product. In these circumstances, ExpertPaperHelp.com is not responsible for this.

Plagiarism-free clause

Each writer from ExpertPaperHelp.com is obliged to compose 100% original content. When you receive the final draft, this must be completely plagiarism-free.

Every paper delivered is checked first for plagiarism through special software. Still, if for some reason, you discover any plagiarism, your paper will be revised free of charge.

Technology Issues

We are not liable for any problems encountered due to technical or electronic failures. Also, ExpertPaperHelp.com is not responsible for the issues occurred due to your Internet provider.


The placement of an order is also the acceptance of this disclaimer. If you submit a project, you give the company permission to charge your credit card for the full price of the order.

Delivery Delays

Each time we accept an order, we also accept the deadline you set, which means that we take responsibility for delivering your paper in time. Still, there are some cases in which ExpertPaperHelp.com is not liable for a late delivery:

  • If your contact information is not verifiable, and you don’t respond immediately at our requested verification, your order won’t be assigned to any writer.
  • If you don’t react quickly to some or all of the requests of your editor, the production may be delayed. In this case, ExpertPaperHelp.com is not responsible for any delays.
  • If you ask for significant changes to the initial instructions of the order after your writer has already started working on it, this could affect the delivery time.

Academic Level

As a customer, you are responsible for providing ExpertPaperHelp.com your academic level. If you fail to do this or give incorrect information, you could be charged extra when you ask for changes of the paper related to the academic level.

If you have correctly specified from the start your educational level, and the final draft does not meet it, the paper will be revised free of charge.

Customer Support Department

ExpertPaperHelp.com is offering customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whenever you encounter any problems with your order, notify our support staff as soon as possible. You may contact us via phone, e-mail, or live chat. An employee of the company will offer you the needed support or will put you in touch with someone who is able to help you.

Binding Laws

You are fully responsible for abiding by any laws, no matter if local, country laws or territory statutes related to academic writing services and online purchase of these. So make sure you are aware of the existing laws that apply to you in this case.

Customer Privacy

ExpertPaperHelp.com never reveals any personal details to someone who is not an employee of the company. We do not share personal data with third parties, and we guarantee your privacy. Our company uses cookies, but their only purpose is to personalize your experience as a customer on our website. When visiting it as a client, you understand and accept this aspect.

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