Revision Policy

We are always eager to produce the highest quality content possible, and we are committed to delivering satisfying work that meets your needs. Our customers’ success is important to us, whether they are students in need of academic writing or someone with a web page looking for copywriting services. In order to help achieve this success, we strive to ensure the satisfaction of our customers at all times and we will do anything necessary to meet the needs and desires our clients have for their papers.

We always give 100% and strive to produce high-quality writing, but there are instances where it is necessary for us to revisit certain projects. Customers sometimes request revisions for the work we have created for them, and we are able to accommodate that request under certain circumstances:

  • Revision applications have to be made up to 14 days after the customer receives the completed work. In this time, the customer may review the content and assess whether or not it is appropriate for what they requested. If not, they may make an application for revision of the completed product on the website, through email, on our live chat, on the phone, or through the Customer Support Department.
  • The revision will not be charged as long as the request for it doesn’t come with requirements that were not originally included in the order.
  • If the customer requests a revision after the 14-day trial has expired, a fee will be charged for revision services.
  • Your request for revision may include additional instructions or ones which are different from the original ones; this will come with an extra fee. Here are some types of revision requests that you will be charged extra for:
  • The customer has to provide any resources that are necessary, but the writers can not obtain them.
  • Any additional requests for the completed work, like additional information, extra resources, or more pages will be charged extra, depending on the work needed and the amount of time it takes to finish these requests.
  • In the eventuality that the customer cannot provide the resources that are needed, we will make use of the available resources that are most relevant to the paper. Alternatively, should the customer desire certain resources that they are unable to provide, we will purchase them. However, please note that the client will be charged the cost of obtaining them.
  • We offer revisions free of charge in the eventuality that the request is made up to two hours after the order is made in the case of mistaken instructions.
  • Should the customer change the initial instructions after their assigned writer has already started working on their project, additional fees will be charged.

Interested in requesting a revision? A client can follow these steps:

  • The customer must make their request for a revision in writing. Thus, should the customer decide to make their request through the Customer Support Department by phone, they will be asked also to make it in writing and complete it with evidence that can support their claim for a revision.
  • If a customer desires to submit a request for a revision, they can do so through several means, such as: live chat, phone, the Customer Support Department, or email. Requests made within the 14-day period are free of charge.

We understand that customers may not be satisfied by the extra cost or effort required for revision requests. However, please note that we offer free revisions as long as certain conditions are met:

  • If the customer submits a request for a revision within 14 days of receiving the final draft of the project, the revision is free of charge. Should a project take longer or be more complex, the customer may inquire about the timeframe in which they can make requests for revision free of charge.
  • The revision is also free of charge in the eventuality that the writer assigned to the project failed to follow the initial instructions, granted that they were not changed by the customer.

We strive to please every single customer who chooses to make use of our services. We are committed to providing the highest quality content, and we are passionate about great customer service and providing customer satisfaction. For that reason, we are open to offering revision services – even free of charge – in order to work with clients as well as we can. We want to meet your specific needs and make sure that the final work is what you envisioned.

Contact for impeccable writing and excellent customer service. We guarantee quality and desire to work in close collaboration with our clients in order to achieve the best results, while maintaining revision costs low. Our writers and our entire team will cooperate with you as long as we need to in order to make sure you are satisfied with our services.

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