Admission Essay for Master of Science Technology Commercialization

Posted: May 13, 2016





I have a number of career goals in my life that I look forward to achieving. My first short term goal is to advance my education to a Master’s level. I have always desired to obtain a Master’s of Science in Technology Commercialization. I believe that after getting the Master’s degree, I will not only be a successful entrepreneur, but I will also advance my career in the field of business. Becoming a respected entrepreneur in the world of business has always been my dream since I was young. My goal, however, does not stop at achieving a Masters degree but completing a Doctoral program in business management.

I plan to study for my Master of Science in Technology Commercialization at the University of Texas at Austin. The university offers extensive training and advanced educational courses in this program that will be very helpful in setting me on the right career path. The Masters Program will provide me with the essential skills, knowledge and experience. These skills will boost my critical thinking capabilities and help me develop the mind of an innovative entrepreneur. Additionally, studying for a Master of Science in Technology Commercialization will give me the opportunity to interact with professionals in this particular field and other students with similar career interests. The University of Texas is further an international institution with students from all over the world. This will also be of great help to me as I will get the chance to meet different people with different perspectives of life. This opening will, therefore, expose me to different cultures and help me adopt a global perspective in life.

My passion in business began at a very tender age of five years. I have always been an inquisitive person who is more interested in developing rather than consuming. As a young child, I was also quite keen on value creation as well as the economic development of my country. China is developing at a very rapid rate and hence the knowledge of the latest technology is necessary to the country’s stability and persistent growth in the business sector. The country, however, lacks the personnel with the relevant skills that are essential to succeed in the challenging and complex business world that we live in today. My main goal in life is to make China a better place through taking part in the country’s technology commercialization process. With a Master of Science in Technology Commercialization, I will be better placed to meet my dream of seeing a better China. 

The Masters Program will equip me with the necessary knowledge and skills to become a qualified commercialization professional. As a commercialization professional, I will concentrate on taking the emerging technologies from the masters program to the business market. My main focus will be on embracing value creation and creative production in my home country so that China is more competitive in the global market. Secondly, with my knowledge in technology commercialization I will be able to acquire a position as a part-time professor in a business institution. As a professor, my goal would be to instill the ideas of job creation and self-employment through innovations.

Despite the recent growth in China’s economy many citizens in the rural areas are still living below the poverty line. I have interacted with some locals who have been unsuccessful in acquiring employment. Most of these people are living in poverty because they are totally dependent on the white collar jobs. Taking this Master Program in Technology Commercialization will enable me to come up with other creative ideas and policies that can aid in the development of an all-inclusive economy. These innovative ideas will open up new diverse income generation channels in the country and stop the cry of many Chinese locals.

In the past, I have been attached to many companies as an intern. My experiences in these firms have proved one major problem with both big and small companies. Most companies have a standard set of procedures of doing things. The problem with such as system is that it does not embrace the spirit of innovation and creativity among the employees. Another challenge I have experienced in my line of career is the lack of proper knowledge to link innovative ideas with the prevailing needs in the market. I believe that a Master of Science degree in Technology Commercialization will help me solve these two problems by equipping me with the skills to properly apply the new technologies to the business world.

I am a very passionate and creative person and will no doubt fit in this Masters Program. Additionally, I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Commerce & Business Administration thus showing a clear indication of my passion for business. I also believe that my background in finance will go a long way into preparing me for the Masters Program. I believe that this Masters Program will significantly help me to reach my full potential and not only advance my creativity but also achieve my goals in life.

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