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Posted: May 13, 2016

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I am currently a senior at the University of Alabama, majoring in finance with a specialization in banking and financial services. I would like to increase my academic and professional potential in Finance by studying my master in you University. My desire to study Finance has been driven by my interest in all forms of global business and in solving global trade issues.

My aptitude for logical reasoning and mathematical calculations enables me to rapidly gain major economic principles. Moreover, the inquisitive mind and critical thinking which I have been able to develop in my undergraduate studies makes me to question the principles and reality of economics while at the same time trying to seek truth and objectivity. Additionally, I spend most of my leisure time in trying to understand the broader knowledge and vision of the field. All these have provided the core foundation to further my studies. My Trans nationality has exposed me to various global trends. I believe that by studying finance in United States, I will be able to get a broad international perspective.

My English language has improved over the past years, especially, listening, reading, and speaking skills. I am also trying to improve my language skills through consistent interaction with my fellow colleagues and the general society.

Learning in a foreign country has exposed me to many challenges; however, I have been able to overcome great diversities in culture, climate, food, and language. Therefore, I have been able to gain enough experience that will be useful during my future work in China. My independency as a student has enabled me to develop strong time management and problem solving abilities that help me not just to handle different interpersonal relationships and situations in life, but also to combine them with the undergraduate study.

In my free time, I engage in activities such as cooking, swimming, studying foreign language, playing music and singing. The activities that I involve in during my spare time has exposed me to interaction and helped build my communication skills. Additionally, every aspect of my leisure time has made me take on every opportunity to experience the real economic life.

Together with my exemplary performance in my exams, I was very keen on gaining a first-hand experience in finance and other related field and therefore I was able to engage myself in practical work during my internship. I was able to work as a finance intern at KFC and marketing Assistant at Xue Yi education institute. I was able to realize that private financing is a profitable segment in the overall financing and it is increasingly becoming very significant to both small and large entrepreneurs. I was also able to learn that private financing brings with itself certain amount of risk due to what is considered an unspecific rule. I was also able to gain a clear insight in marketing and how it is a vital aspect in general finance. The skills that I gained, I will apply them effectively within any position of work. By working in a private company, I will be able to make financial analysis and make recommendation based on my experience and the current trends within the market. I will also be able to apply judgmental and leadership skill within my area of work to create long-lasting solutions to the future company. Upon completing my program, I would like to apply my quantitative skills to enhance decision making and problem solving in this field and prepare myself for a career in finance for a local company in China.

I will be very grateful if you consider my application, and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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