Personal Statement

Posted: May 13, 2016





Finance Minister has been my career goal since I was young. Being a Finance Minister I will be in a position to assist the needy and those who are struggling at a different level of financial status to improve their living standards. Being in this post I will be able to emphasize all powers that are stipulated by Central Bank service charter to make sure finances are well spent. As a Finance Minister, I will have the mandate to prepare the country’s budget and also provide required regulations to ensure that finances are not misused by the concerned users. Control of financial asset of the government will be my duty for the sake of maintaining the economy of the country.

The main duty of a Finance Minister is to ensure that the country’s economy is uplifted. I will also have the task of forthputting bills concerning the government employees to control their salaries and also their allowances. To improve the financial welfare of the people, I will have to hold negotiation forums internationally and also make financial concords that will enable people to involve in businesses.

As a Finance Minister, planning and control of systems of taxation will be a crucial task for the country since the government has to acquire funds to finance countries activities. The country’s debts also have to be managed to avoid the country being involved in so much of them. For the country to develop financially, resources have to be mobilized and allocated in an efficient manner, expenditure of the public has required to be managed, controlled and planned effectively. Financial policies have the need to be developed and carried out to maintain the stability of the state. All these functions and responsibilities will lie in my docket as a Finance Minister.

Masters in finance will enable me to acquire the most appropriate qualifications and know-how in this area of finance. As well, it sharpens my undergraduate knowledge of finance. Since the Masters in finance involves a lot of research, this knowledge will enable me to carry out financial research where necessary to improve the current conditions.

To be a Finance Minister, one requires to have financial control and formulation budget information. Masters in Finance will equip me with this knowledge for a better working. To formulate well-functioning financial policies, one requires a good understanding of the issues to be addressed, masters in finance will enable me to have the knowledge of fathoming thing like public salaries, taxation.

Making decisions in this field of finance requires a deep thinking to avoid repercussions like inflation, exhaustion of resources and also financial conflicts in the state. Acquiring masters in finance will impart me with the knowledge to make the best decisions that will boost the country’s economy.

In the process of acquiring the master’s degree in finance, I will end up interacting with different people from different cultures since I will be in an international institution. This will also help to improve my interrelation skills as well have the skills to handle different types of people. Also, this degree will also equip me with budgeting and communication techniques. This degree will also assist me to improve my self-confidence and belief to realize the strength to set relevant goals to achieve the set goals and objectives. With high knowledge of work, creativity to come up and search for new solutions will also be realized.

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