Week 9 DQ

Posted: May 13, 2016






As you utilize the editing and revising tips in this section of The Everyday Writer Plus, consider your next class and your progress to date. Just about everyone likely experienced a persistent error that was hard to master. Perhaps it was remembering to include commas after long introductory phrases, for example. One strategy that might be helpful is to personalize an editing and revising checklist to target areas where you know you struggle. If you were to add one item to your checklist, what would it be? Where can you find help to overcome this error as you continue to build your writing skills in your future classes?

Participation one

One of the areas that I have struggled with during my writing experience has been remembering to include a comma after introductory phrases such as for instance, therefore, in this regard, in this respect, and for example. In this regard, the item that would be among the first on my checklist is checking for commas. Inserting commas at the right place in complex sentences is another area where I have had challenging experiences in my writing. The Grammarly software has been of significant help in helping me to eliminate the errors that arise out of forgetting to include commas after opening phrases. I will also consult other secondary material that offer guidelines to students to improve their writing skills such as the book titled “The Everyday Writer Plus” (Lunsford, Matsuda, & Tardy, 2013). Therefore, I will prioritize revising my work with critical attention paid to the absence and the location of commas in my text. Besides, asking a classmate or peer to review my work for grammatical errors is also another option. Since individuals have different skills and talents, what I could have missed while proofreading my paper could be noticed by another person.

Participation two

An area that I have had significant challenges during my writing experience is the use of the wrong prepositions in my sentence construction. In this regard, prepositions will likely be the first item to include in my editing and revising checklist. I have had problems with making the decision on the appropriate preposition to use in different scenarios. However, by consulting various secondary sources such as grammar textbooks and making use of the Grammarly software, I will be able to identify the correct preposition to use (Lunsford, Matsuda, & Tardy, 2013). Additionally, I will also consult my peers and course instructors for advice and assistance. 

This section of The Everyday Writer Plus presents some quick and easy techniques for improving sentence variety. Look at the latest draft of your essay and find a sentence that could use some improvement in this area. Share it with the class and then apply one of the techniques you learned through this reading assignment to revise it.

Participation one

The sentence that I think could be improved from my draft reads as follows, “to this community, immigration is not just an abstract concept, but as an avenue through which families are reunited and an affirmation that they are also a significant part of the American society.” After going through the material on how to enhance sentence variety, I feel that the sentence is ambiguous because the subject is not well defined, and hence it can be improved. The sentence is complicated and its structure could also be improved by making a few alteration. The modified sentence could read as “among the immigrant communities, immigration is not only an abstract concept, but a means through which they consider themselves to be a part of the American society and a way to reunite their families.”

Participation two

The sentence that could use enhancement in my draft includes one that reads “a large portion of the American population supports the continuation of immigration into the country because it is a critical ingredient to encourage economic growth.” It is a relatively simple sentence in relation to its structure. Therefore, because of the need to have a variety of sentence structures in the essay, it would be better revised to make a complex sentence as follows. Despite some Americans being against the legislation of friendly immigration laws, most Americans support the continuation of lenient immigration policies because it acts as a catalyst for economic development.


Lunsford, A. A., Matsuda, P. K., & Tardy, C. M. (2013). The everyday writer. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin's.

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